Fusion Vista 19 Minimal Sliding Doors

Fusion Vista 19 Minimal Sliding Door System

Our latest offering in the slim sliding door market, is the slimmest high-performance system in the UK. It offers very slim mullion sizes, otherwise known as sight lines, of 19mm between each panel of glass. Not only slim between glass panels, but the visible metal above flush floor is also truly minimal. So is the metal at the top if you have a flush ceiling.

Fusion Vista 19 can be fully embedded in the building’s wall and ceiling finishes. A flush with floor track is a given, but the top track and sides can be fully hidden too. This gives a virtually frameless sliding door solution. It is really a beautiful solution, easy to slide, with high performance certification.

Traditionally lead times for minimal sliding doors are very long. Fusion Vista 19 has a turn around time of 6 – 8 weeks from drawing sign off, and is made in the UK.

This is the only minimal sliding door system in the UK with a tested PAS 24 Security rating on its locks. The handle is very slim, and there is a multi-point high security lock.

Fusion Vista 19 comes in two tracks, three track and four tracks. We can do slide away corner sets, as well as pocket sliding sets. We can do two panels all slide, three panels all slide, four panels all slide. The system can do centre parting slide away in the same track, with a very slim double frame locking sight line.

Max panel height: 3500m High
Max panel weight: 400kg