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Roof Lights and Walk on Glass Floors

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Rooflights and Walk On Floors

Fusion Glazing Systems supplies and installs a range of bespoke minimal rooflight systems.
Usually, our mono-pitch roof lights are fitted to weathered upstands, on a flat roof. But it doesn’t rule out using our roof lights on pitched roofs. We supply a subframe, which is fitted to a fully prepared upstand (By Others). Then our glass is fitted and sealed into the subframe. We make our roof lights to fit your bespoke opening.
We suggest that our roof lights are set to a pitch at least 5-7 degrees, to allow rain water to run off quickly. This avoids water pooling and drying on the glass leaving dust patches.
We offer square, triangular and circular shaped roof lights. Our roof lights can be designed to be a lean-to, against a wall on one or more sides. Or contain a drip edge on one or more sides. We offer stepped edges if required. We can apply a black smear band to hide any plaster lines or visible structure below the glass.
We also offer walk-on glass floors. We have a range of anti-slip treatments we can add to the glass. Walk on glass floors can be very heavy and may need substantial sub structure support.
Sometimes on larger roof lights, the glass needs to be supported by a glass or metal fin. The glass may bow under its own weight, hence the need for support on larger panels.
Fusion Glazing Systems also offers aluminium framed roof light systems like Lonsdale or Atlas. We also supply curtain wall system roof lights like Schuco. We do offer opening roof lights with electric push chain actuators, rain sensors etc. But these are usually made at a few standard sizes.
We strongly advise you to split your roof light into smaller manageable panel sizes. Cranes may be needed if glass weighs over a 100kg or when access is tricky. Plan your roof light with the potential future replacement of glass panels in mind.
Contact us if you have any questions about our roof lights.


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