Schüco Sliding Doors

Schüco ASS 50 & ASS 70 HI Sliding Door Systems

Aluminium sliding doors and windows , characterise the appearance and form of a building project, more than any other building component. Here, the name Schüco stands for sophisticated, proven system technology combined with a variety of materials, design and application options.

Aluminium Schüco sliding doors showcases the ultimate in German precision engineering.

It’s a quality sliding door system that is built to last. A product that looks good and keeps the weather out and the heat in. Year after year.

Systems we manufacture in house include:

Schüco ASS 50 – aluminium sliding door system in either standard slide or lift and slide. 94mm mullions
Schüco ASS 70 HI – aluminium sliding door system in either standard slide or lift and slide. 112mm mullions.  Highly insulated

Contemporary flat face profiles containing large areas of clear glazing that make the most of the outside views and allow sunlight to flood into every corner of the room. And thanks to proven German engineering, a Schüco sliding door opens and closes at the lightest touch.

Fusion Glazing Systems

Fusion Glazing Systems is a licenced manufacturing and installations partner for Schüco. We are a long-established (1976) architectural glazing supplier. We design innovative glass and aluminium window systems for high end residential homes. We survey draw, manufacture and install aluminium sliding doors and windows around the South East of England. Our Schüco approved factory is located in Uxbridge.

People spend the majority of their lives in buildings. This makes it all the more important for building technology to meet the highest demands in terms of design, comfort and security. At the same time, energy efficiency allows buildings to make a decisive contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and thereby conserving natural resources.

Schüco window, door and curtainwall façade systems fulfil these requirements for new builds and modernisation projects. They stand for simple production and installation, as well as a high degree of design freedom. Schüco thus creates technologies that focus on people and which are in harmony with nature.