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Fusion Bespoke Walk-On Glass Floor/ Roof Light
Walk-on roof lights or glass floors by Fusion Glazing Systems, are designed to be installed flush with external flooring – perfect for flat roof terraces. These units are commonly installed using decking to achieve the final ‘flush finish’ with the roof light A fully prepared up-stand by the contractor, is still required to be in place. Fusion Glazing Systems also offer alternative details so that solid finishes such as paving can be used.
Fusion Glazing Systems’ bespoke walk-on skylights are designed to show no visible internal framework after the install is completed. We fit our steel sub-frame onto the Contractor’s  fully prepared up-stand. The glass will have a black film applied to the outer edges, which the builder then trims back with a blade after the plaster work has been completed to leave a ‘frameless’ appearance.

Please note: Glass that is wet can get very slippery to walk on. Fusion Glazing Systems offer anti-slip treatments which increase slip resistance for our walk on roof lights. Please contact our technical sales team for further information.