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PanoramAH! Minimal Sliding Door System 
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PanoramAH! ah!38 Minimal Sliding Door System

In 2010, Fusion Glazing Systems started to supply and install in close partnership with PanoramAH! the first minimal ‘frameless’ glass sliding door system into the United Kingdom. It was then, and continues to be now, a ground breaking design that was eagerly welcomed by early adopting and forward thinking design studios and architect practises.

We have learned from, and built on our experience, installing project after project, door set after door set over the years. Fusion has been involved in a wealth of stunning residential projects over the years across London and the South East of England. Some have turned out to be award winning projects.

Clients simply fall in love with this truly beautiful, easy to operate and high-performance minimal sliding door system. We are privileged and thrilled to have worked on high profile projects such as at the Water Tower in Kennington featured in the 100th episode of Grand Designs. But we are very proud of our smaller projects, the more humble single door set extensions showcasing our minimal door systems. 

The PanoramAH! ah!38 Minimal sliding door system, has got very slim 20mm mullions between each panel of glass. Not only do you have very slim sight lines between glass, but also only 7mm of frame showing above your flush floor, in the winter months when the doors are closed. Also, only 7mm of frame showing at the top between plaster and glass, if you hide the top frame within your ceiling plaster. So, the outer frame can be hidden completely without effecting the performance of the doors.

Ah!38 offers high security multipoint locks with a key cylinder. Ticking every box in terms of security requirements of UK insurance companies. The locking mechanism is encased in a full height, floor to ceiling, contemporary handle profile powder coated the same colour as the frame.
This system is unique because the glass panels, which can be very large (Up to 8m tall have been achieved!) glides on a bed of very specialised stainless-steel bearings on the bottom track. It offers extremely easy and smooth operation. The glass simply glides over the bearings, as famously displayed by Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs, pushing a tonne of glass with one finger. No other system in the market can achieve the sizes PanoramAH! can on a single glass sliding panel.
Ah!38 offers single panels in a mono rail track with glazing beads, double track, triple track, 4-track – all slide if required. The span can be endless. We can do pocket doors, opening corners, glass to glass corners to name a few options.
Also available from Fusion Glazing Systems in the PanoramAH! brand:
PanoramAH! vertical sash sliders/ guillotine windows. We have done sets 6m tall! See photos of Northumberland Place
PanoramAH! Pivot doors. Can also achieve very large sizes up to 8m tall in a single glass panel.
The brand new PanoramAH! ah!60 triple glazed super high-performance sliding door system. Very low U-values. It offers unmatched acoustic and thermal performance. Ideal for very cold climates and high demanding security specs.
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Fusion Visione 30 Minimal Sliding Door System 
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Fusion Visione 30 Minimal Sliding Doors

Fusion Visione 30 Minimal, is a beautiful, high performance and easy to use aluminium slim sliding door system, sold at a very competitive price. This minimal sliding door system has the typical full height floor to ceiling contemporary handles which are powder coated the same colour as the frames. It offers one of the best high security multipoint key locks - accepted by all UK insurance companies. It has very slim 30mm mullions (vertical metal sight line between glass panels) and the outer frame can be completely hidden within wall finishes, ceilings, plaster inside or render outside. Achieving that frameless appearance, without affecting the system’s functionality or performance in any way. It is designed to give you a flush threshold. The inside floor can be seamlessly level with the outside floor.

We have installed a large number of door sets around the Greater London, Home Counties and the South East of England. This tried and tested system is proving to be our most successful sliding door system.

The Fusion Visione 30 Minimal Sliding Door System, has been put through strict performance tests to certify its water tightness, air permeability, wind load and thermal transmittance performance. It is fast becoming the architect’s choice of minimal sliding doors due to its minimal look with floor to ceiling handles and mullions. We have used our experience being Schuco, Smart and Reynaers fabrication experts (amongst other systems we fabricate) to make this a sliding door system of outstanding quality.

This slim frame aluminium sliding door system is very popular amongst UK home owners because of its quality vs value for money. It is more cost effective than its rivals in the minimal sliding door market, making it a very attractive choice for those with a keen eye on their budget, but not willing to sacrifice the minimal look and long-lasting quality they are after.

Fusion Visione 30 Minimal offers two tracks - all panels slide, three tracks - all slide and four tracks - all slide. We have done many slide away corners as well as pocket sliders. We also offer glass to glass fixed corners with sliders next to it. There is no limit on the combinations and span of your design. The system can go over 3 meters tall and the max weight limit per panel is 400KG. Which means can be really large.

Fusion Glazing Systems offers a one stop shop combining contemporary aluminium windows and architectural glazing, with slim sliding doors.

With what is becoming a crowded market place, with more aluminium ‘frameless’ sliding door systems popping up everywhere, home owners find it increasingly difficult to know how to choose the right slim sliding door system.

Since 2010 we have been supplying and installing the award winning, super slim PanoramAH! ah!38 Minimal aluminium sliding door system. But we have realized that there is a strong demand for a very good, more cost effective, slim sliding door system. So, in 2014 we developed our own brand-new slim frame aluminium sliding door system, to compete on price and quality with the best minimal sliding door brands on the market.


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Example Drawing 3 track



Example Drawing 4 track

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Fusion Vista 19 Minimal Sliding Door System

Our latest offering in the slim sliding door market, is the slimmest high-performance system in the UK. It offers very slim mullion sizes, otherwise known as sight lines, of 19mm between each panel of glass. Not only slim between glass panels, but the visible metal above flush floor is also truly minimal. So is the metal at the top if you have a flush ceiling.

Fusion Vista 19 can be fully embedded in the building’s wall and ceiling finishes. A flush with floor track is a given, but the top track and sides can be fully hidden too. This gives a virtually frameless sliding door solution. It is really a beautiful solution, easy to slide, with high performance certification.

Traditionally lead times for minimal sliding doors are very long. Fusion Vista 19 has a turn around time of 6 – 8 weeks from drawing sign off, and is made in the UK.

This is the only minimal sliding door system in the UK with a tested PAS 24 Security rating on its locks. The handle is very slim, and there is a multi-point high security lock.

Fusion Vista 19 comes in two tracks, three track and four tracks. We can do slide away corner sets, as well as pocket sliding sets. We can do two panels all slide, three panels all slide, four panels all slide. The system can do centre parting slide away in the same track, with a very slim double frame locking sight line.

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Fusion FGS35 Slimline Sliding Door System

Fusion Glazing Systems specialises in supplying and installing high performance aluminium slim framed sliding doors. We offer a range of minimal framed sliding door systems for different budgets.

The FGS 35 Slimline Sliding Door System, is a hybrid system. It offers slim 35mm sightlines between each panel of glass, but chunkier framing around the outer perimeter. It has been developed to offer a high performance slim sliding door system, at a cost effective price. This is Fusion Glazing Systems' most competitively priced slim frame sliding door system. Its mullions (the vertical metal between each panel of glass) is a very attractive 35mm. In terms of value for money vs quality vs slimness, this system is more cost effective than most of its slim frame competitors in the market place.

FGS 35 Slimline, offers a high certified weather rating with full UK certification approved by UK Building Regulations. It also offers a high security multi-point key lock system. It can be upgraded be PAS24 (Secure by Design) compliant upon request. The locking mechanism has a 5 lever Euro Cylinder making the locking mechanism approved by all UK insurance firms.

You have a choice between a D-Shaped fixed handle or a Lever handle in several colours. FGS 35 Slimline can achieve a perfect flush threshold inside and out. The internal frame can be completely hidden behind your floor, wall and ceiling finishes

Max height 2.5m. Max panel (sash) weight: 200kg. Max Panel (sash) width: Within these limitations.

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FGS 35 Slimline Example 3 Track



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Smart Systems

Smart Visoglide Plus is a high performance aluminium sliding door system. It offers contemporary styling and robust performance whilst delivering superior thermal performance.

This aluminium sliding door system has chunkier framing compared to our minimal sliding door systems, but with 83mm mullions between glass panels, it is far from the biggest framed system on the market. It is a good system, offering great value for money.

Smart Visoglide Plus offers high security, with multi point locks and a 5 lever euro cylinder. The system’s locking approved by all UK insurance companies. We could also upgrade this system to offer PAS 24 security rating

This adaptable system is suitable for use either as dynamic residential sliding doors that maximise light and give stunning unimpeded views, or sliding commercial entrances where large opening apertures are required. Visoglide Plus profiles have been designed to improve both strength and weather resistance. All main sections feature an extended polyamide thermal break that allows Visoglide Plus to achieve a U Value of 1.6 W/m²K when installed with a suitable sealed unit.

We can offer two track all panel slide, three track all panels slide, centre parting, open corners, fixed glass to glass corners and pocket sliding to mention a few configurations. Inline sliding or lift & slide options are available.

British Standard Kitemarked system achieving: KM 530838 PAS 24:2012

Sliding Door Max Height (mm) 2500mm (Sash)

Sliding Door Max Weight (kg) 200kg

Sliding Door Max Width (mm) Within height & weight limitations 

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Windows characterise the appearance and form of projects perhaps more than any other component. Here, the name Schüco stands for sophisticated, proven system technology combined with a variety of materials, design and application options. Fusion Glazing Systems is an appointed manufacturing partner for Schüco. We design innovative glass and aluminium window systems for high end residential homes. We survey draw, manufacture and install around the South East of England. People spend the majority of their lives in buildings. This makes it all the more important for building technology to meet the highest demands in terms of design, comfort and security. At the same time, energy efficiency allows buildings to make a decisive contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and thereby conserving natural resources. Schüco window, door and façade systems fulfill l these requirements for new builds and modernisation projects. They stand for simple production and installation, as well as a high degree of design freedom. Schüco thus creates technologies that focus on people and which are in harmony with nature.

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ASS50 Example Drawing 3 track




Fusion ASS70 Brochure



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ASS70 Example Drawing 3 track



ASS70 Configuration